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little chibi Jadzi image I welcome you at my little place in the world wide web. Make yourself at home, take a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy your stay.

As for introductions: I'm Nicole, a level > 40 (Web)Developer class by day and hobby artist... later that day... and weekends. If I'm not parenting my little upgrade that is.
What else... I am a full time nerd - mostly sciFi but I dig good fantasy too.

So... have a good time and if you feel like it say hello or leave a message :).
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Jadzi posted a blog entry form 16.06.2024
Don't tell me I forgot the regular FedCon post again? Shame on me!

Soo... It was a great weekend again. Not sure how they top themself every year but they do. For one they had some of the Orville cast. I did one of the rare 'spur of the moment' comics for Penny Jerald and Mark Jackson - the latter was planned on another cartoon BUT the one I did for Penny the night before, she loved it so much and asked if Mark already saw this... so I changed plans and was rewarded for it

And Todd Stashwick. Oh my... I have been a Picard guy all the way - hands down. Then there came Pike and Picard got competition... and now there is Captain Liam Shaw. In Episode 2 of Picard S3 he won me over and took the pole position.

So... have a great time
hugs Jadzi
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 28.04.2023
Hey all

So... what did you think of Star Trek Picards final Season? I loved it. Especialy because they didn't kill off any of NextGens Main Cast. I was really worried and it would have kind of ruined it for me.

But as much as I loved Picard I really hope that if they made a new StarTrek show with new Characters they will do it episode wise like StrangeNewWorlds or the 'older' Shows... because frankly: Making an 13 hour movie, cutting it into 13 episodes may work for a cast consisting of predominantly known characters (Like with Picard or the Marvel TV Shows) but not to introduce 10 to 15 new characters (more or less main). Discovery is prove. We had 4 seasons and only 1 storyline in each season. Naturally the main leading character must be the focus so after 4 seasons I know about Burnham, and a bit of Saru but thats it. All the other Characters: what do we know about thek other than their jobs and their main love interest if they have one.

All the other StarTrek shows had the possibility to focus episodes on other characters than the main lead. We started to knew bits of their lives, their quirks, their needs... they grew upon us. Heck after two seasons ST:Picrads I knew more about Raffi than any of the bridge Crew combined after four seasons of discovery.

Yeah... these are my two cent :D

hugs Jadzi