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Jadzi posted an update on 01.01.2022 on
Engineers of StarTrek - Lower Decks added - I love that show!
Jadzi posted an update on 05.11.2021 on
USS Pantera 'An Insane Mind' is finished!
newimage newimage newimage newimage
Jadzi posted an update on 27.10.2021 on
7 new signed comics...
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Jadzi posted an update on 27.10.2021 on
12 new Pages Pantera... next: finale
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Jadzi posted a blog entry form 26.10.2021
After a super fun weekend at FedCon we are back home

I was so great to be with 'normal' people again... the guests have been awesome - I just can't understand the hate Discovery is getting. To be honest I think Star Trek is like Doctor Who with the various TV Shows are the Regenerations. They are all different you can't like them all (Fun fact: Many times I read someone hating Disco for bad written characters or shitty plot this persons turned out to be a Voyager Fan - I find this utterly hilarious)

Just one thing bugged me a little bit. They had three MCs this year. Nessi (she is just awesome. You should hear her voice when she is singing!) Benjamin Stöwe (who actually is the weatherman in a german morning TV show and the german voice for Dr. Culber. turns out he has a great sense of humor and a good grasp to leverage english and german moderation) and a guy named Steffen Volkmer (? never heard of him before but was told he usually did some panels like the trailershow or so and was on the constage since... ages and many Cons) who struck me as quite rude and disrespectful. One of his Jobs was to help with communiction when fans struggle with their english. Well... to not translate anything at all after beeing asked because he obviously found the question stupid and let poor Emily Coutts just sit there was low - or when he referred to Nessi as male?

Anyhow... It was sooooo good to have the Con back, Dirk and his crew did an fantastic job as always... and I can't wait for June - tickets already booked.

Jadzi posted an update on 19.09.2021 on
8 new Pages - 'what could possibly go wrong' :D
newimage newimage newimage newimage newimage
Jadzi posted an update on 25.07.2021 on
some new pages... mission briefing
newimage newimage newimage newimage newimage
Jadzi posted an update on 11.06.2021 on
next Pantera Pages are up
newimage newimage newimage newimage newimage
Jadzi posted an update on 06.04.2021 on
So I started the 'Insane Mind'... First 5 pages online (equals the first scenes)
newimage newimage newimage newimage newimage
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 31.12.2020
Hello out there,

So 2020 is coming to an end this night. And what a mess it was... how it screwed up so many peoples lives. My family and me where lucky ones. No one got sick and none of us needs to worry about the future because as computer scientists we could work basically from everywhere with an internet connection. My heart goes out to all of those who lost their job due to the pandemic or their business altogether. Who don't know how to make ends meet anymore...

I just hope 2021 will somewhen turn our lives back to more or less normal... have a save trip to 2021 - may your wished come true (exept for the dude who wished for a virus last year - no wish for you fella... sit down and be quiet!)

I for one am working on some Pantera stuff. 'Timeline' will come to you as a comic hopefully soon as well as 'Insane mind' (first one serves as prelude for the second) But I'll have to issue a content warning for both: my massive dislike for both of the characters Janeway and Torres will show. If you really love them and think they are gerat characters - you perhaps should skip these two. But after that... only Kalta Siv will deal with my dislike ;)

so... happy new year to us!
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 23.08.2020
Hello my frinds...

I hope all is well with you and your loved ones. Corona really messed this year up. No conventions so far therefor no comics, three month homeoffice with child who couldn't use the playground.... but we are lucky ones - we COULD still work. And we had our vacation (we already had planned to stay in germany)

So... a new design again... and I decided to not longer be part of the never-ending circle of 'I need to think of IE users so I need multiple hacks, tons of unneccesasry javascripting or better let some ideas go altogether'< = > 'As long as developers support IE there is no need for us [ms] to change/ add basic stuff etc. We still keep our users' - So... there WILL be some issues if you use this page with IE...

so... keep save, stay healthy...
feel hugged
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 02.04.2019
What shall I say... I got bored with the content structure of my old website (and the layout... I admit it) so here comes the new one. I worked on that since christmas... since obviously thats what a child does with your spare time - you rarely have any :D.

I will redo 'The Hidden Truth' next since I think the characters need a bit refinement. And I rediscovered the Kalta-Siv Chronicles - a Star Trek FanFic I did way back. I also finished my FedCon 2019 Cosplay (Kaylee Frye from firefly) and finished most of this years comics (just some detailing to be done)...and that is obviously what 'Child visits grandparents for a week' to your avaiable time does. :D

hugs Jadzi
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 07.10.2018
Hello Again.

This year was a bit more productive I think. Some FedCon related updates on 'The untold adventure of...' series - oh yes, my little comicstrips I do mostly for Fedcon? They finally got a decend title! - I have a couple new planned - let's see how this will work out.

Other than that I now It had been quiet with me since 2014 - I just don't have much spare time at the moment since I juggle beeing a mom for a 4 year old, having a fulltimejob and all the chores (which I fortunatly don't have to do on my own). But I'm working Star Trek Stuff (Pantera, Kalta Siv) and of course the 'Hidden Truth'. Mainly reorganising the story/ redrawing stuff but that's just to get into the right mood. So for the next 2 or 3 years please bear with me... ;) It will get better!

I'ts nearly two years now since we moved from NRW and we still think it was one of the best choices ever. The only time I'll come back to the Cologne/ Bonn/ Aachen area will be FedCon time.

Speaking of... Guestlistwise I really had my doubts at this years FedCon. It was more or less BSG themed which I never warmed up with - So I was looking forward to Daphne Zuniga (Spaceballs) and Jason Isaacs (ST:DISC, Harry Potter,...). Beside that these to where absolute fantastic, warm and gave me great memories, many of the BSG guests where great too! Like Rekha Sharma (who also was on ST:DISC and gave me my favorite Con Moment ;) ). So I had way more fun at Panels than expected!

For next year, FedCon seems to go back to what I loved them for. More Fandoms, lesser guests from each. So first 5 guests are spot on for me - and 5 signatures I need... uhm... and I have no f***ing ideas yet :D

Jadzi posted a blog entry form 12.11.2017
New Year - new Luck ;)
The year comes to closure and again I was unable to post a blog or an update. That's life with a toddler - I lover every freaking minute of it HA! (except perhabs the 'getting upt at 7 on weekends' parts).

I uploaded the FedCon Comics of this June... and an update of the USS PANTERA Prolog. And my website is newish... new job, new toys - oh yes... I forgit. I have a new Job since February. And we moved. Somewhere my little one will get a better education than NRW

greets, hugs and happy holidays
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 28.05.2016
So... FedCon Time... Since we had a babysitter we were able to go - next year is settled too already ^^.
Back in Bonn the food situation was bad... really bad. We missed panels because we needed to get redressed (no, we don't do subway with costumes and Probs) go to the city, eat something, head back (without getting into cosutume again) that was a bit sad. But beside that it was great. Perhaps a bit monotonous due to only StarTrek guests.
I had my first Art trade... I got a wonderfull aquacolor painting of the Enterprise NX01 from Laurent in exchange for a copy of a comic I did for Ethan Phillips to sign

What else is new... Since there are a couple of you who obviously like my comics, I'm thinking of doing commissions... see how it goes... Not sure yet. If your interessted feel free to post (for encouragement ;) ) or watch my deviantArt space bc I'll probably do it over there.

hugs and greetz
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 06.12.2015
Wait Wait Wait... No update since OVER A YEAR? WTF? No this place is NOT abandoned... I'm so sorry. Time just flies if yor have a toddler and therefor discover the world a second time :)

Just updated a few stuff. A Tom Baker Signature (Yay!) some new pages which I uploaded time ago but forgot to put it into the news. Some FedCon Photos I forgot.
I changed the apperance of viewing a Comic a while ago... I hope you like it

The times of EMail Role Play Games are over as it seems... from a highpoint of 13 games (yes as a student I had no other hobbies ;) ) only one is left active - my USS Tigerseye (visit Website - it could use a couple of more players if you like this kind of writing... language is german)

I'll be at FedCon again next year - had to pass this year due to 'no babysitter' which was a bit sad because the guestlist with two doctors was great... well thats ok... we had the possibility of two conventions in 2014 - DST in London with the Enterprise Blues Band *yay*

Oh and I'll be finally back at work in january for halfdays! That's so awesome.
Still working on the 'The Hidden Truth' too but as I said it will take a while until further updates.
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 15.11.2014
'The Hidden Truth' is finally happening. Yep I'm doing it. As a webcomic.

I'm not sure I can pull it of until the end but I'll do my very best. Main-Characters are all designed now and storywise I know where I'm going to although I haven't written all the storyboards yet.

I plan to update this comic chapter or scenewise (depends of the length of the specific chapter) which means I will not commit to a regular 'Every week a new page' schedule stuff. Schedules are for those get published and paid and do this as their main job ;)

There will be an website for this soon too plus I'm still looking for deviantgroups to affiliate, publish pages or other webcomic communities to put it on. Don't hesitate to contact me - no matter if it's feedback or affiliation requests :)

Jadzi posted a blog entry form 31.08.2014
Time flies... so fast that 2013 went through like a storm but wanted to be one of my best years ever... and it succeeded!
First I found a job I really really like. No stopgap or such. Then in May my little timelady decided I should be her mommy and began her 40 week journey in my belly. Now she is 7 month old ^^.

While taking care of my little love here I try to start out a comic project. I hope I can get published someday...

lots of love
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 28.12.2012
Happy Holidays!
Whatever you are celebrating out there in this time of year: hope you had fun and a great time!

I used the time to do some bugfixes of my website, giving some tiny little changes and teasersfor projects in development. As we speak of bugfixing... What is an important part of a comment function? The 'Function' part. *going on my knees* I'm so sorry. I just forgot to implemet those inserts! I don't know how that happend but it's fixed now. If you have problem commenting or leaving a message please please... pretty please... contact me :)

Have good start for 2013
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 03.10.2012
Hello out there

wonder if anyone read this... *lol*

Is it really since may LAST year I wrote something? How time flies... Ok.. where did we stop...what happend in this one and and a half year

The job I mentioned which I began in may last year? Lost it in august again. Well thats the problem if you're just honest - those who aren't just can't cope... but I found a new one quite quick and nearly have my 1st anniversary *yay*

What else... I had my first publication in july 2011... my thesis is available on amazon. Somehow pretty cool ^^

Uhm... oh FedCon this year was just awesome (no flop list for me this year *gg* ). Great guests, great costumes and I took part in the artshow :D AND they announced LeVar Burton for next years Con... need to get my 'aftermath' copy signed... and I did a pic which I probably put in the artshow:


Have fun and enjoy life
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 03.05.2011

It was the 20th FedCon and it was a blast! After I didn't like the last one much this was awesome again. The new hotel is perhaps a bit confusing in the beginning but it got much more space which is a good thing.

My tops
- Garret Wang as MC! I mean i did liked Ed Wasser last year too but Garret ist... PERFECT. 'nuff said.
- this years autograph session was more relaxed and no queues before the room!
- the fotosession, as last year, was good again and the pics got a good quality
- Marina and Kate and Tony and Garret and Wil and... nearly all of the guests...

My 'flops' - lets say 'not-so-top'
- Touchscreens because they where never up to date. The computer scientist in me screemed for a server in the con office and a WLan connection to the operating system of the screens and no powerpoint but website
- SeaSheperd and Richard Dean Anderson. Sorry but people who endanger the life of anyone (human life is as precious as animal life!) just to make their point is nothing I will support. It's UNACCEPTABLE. There are other ways to fight for noble things than to destroy and hurt.

So I had a wonderfull weekend with my husband and my friends and... oh... I got a job now. I'll start in two weeks. 'YAY Excited...' or as Garret put it: 'FLUCHTWEGE!' - sorry an insider ^^

greets + hugs
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 04.09.2010
Heeeellloooooooo :)

Successfully defended my diploma thesis last thursday. For my foreign friends: diploma is equvalent to masters degree.

Sooooo... after a bit of future planning the coming 4 days I'll take some time for myself and to draw :)

greets and hugs
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 11.08.2010
Hello my visitors out there ^^

My last Blogentry was in may... since then some things happen.

First of all I finished my diploma thesis (theme was 'Visualization of Starformation). I just need to defend it and I'm done. This is so... awesome!

Secondly I redone my first Cassandra comic. At least I lined it completly new - not finished the coloring though. I really hope you enjoy it!

Oh... And I started to work out at a gym regulary. Since I played handball during school (I was a 160cm goalkeeper) I didn't do any sports. Somehow missing handball as a game but not the competition

hope you all have a nice summer
greets and hugs
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 03.05.2010
It was FedCon Time again.
Well I'm a bit torn. It couldn't match 2008 and 2009 but it had nothing to do with the gueststars. Those where awesome. The gorgeous, lovely and sweet Terry Farrell, the awesome and... I'm out of fitting words *lol* Chase Masterson. She was such a sweetie... and the funny David Hewlett and Joe Flannigan - the photoshoot was a blast. I was there with my husband and they took me between them with the words to my husband'See you later bro... bye' soooo funny.
And not to forget Michael Dorn although he seemed a bit tired...

I did have my 'squee' moments too. Chase Masterson and Terry Farrel - They both asked ME to sign the copy of the comic strip I brought them to sign for me.

So... my top and flops of this con:
- Ed Wasser as MC. Hilarious! Much much much much much better than Marc B... Who? Sorry I don't like this bloke. So I'm very happy with Ed Wasser and I hope he will do the job in the future

- The photographer. In 2008 my Pic with levar Burton was totally screwed up but this time all of my pics turned out really good - new one?

- I booked together with friends and while they sitting in row D19 I was in C20 - ok somewhere the row ends but why was my seat not D20? So we could have sit together...

- The autographsession was a catastrophe! You can read in the program something like 'Don't smalltalk' But some of the gueststars WANTED exactly this. And most of the guests had nothing to do. Only the lines of David, Terry and Chase where constantly full. Why don't they try out the virtual queue system the London convention does? They use the ticket numbers to let peoples access the autosession in it's whole - why not use the numbers on the autotickets and use virtual queues for the different guests?
But it the autotickets itself (Name of the actor on it) where a good invention!

- Overall I didn't see much Panels so the confeeling wasn't really there. I was in queues most times. Queuing for Autograph sessions (although the one I wanted an auto was free but I wasn't allowed to enter the room due to my ticket number) queuing for Fotos, queuing for food...

Overall... the Sunday and the double Panels of Terry/Michael and Joe/David and Chase and Terry in the autosession rescued the Con for me. Had no real confeeling and missed the charme of Fedcons in 2008 and 2009. Hope they will change some of the things back next time - heard a lot of voices who are agreeing.

So that's it folks ^^ Pictures and comics are on this website so enjoy
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 01.12.2009

After an awesome weekend in London with my best friend Kim (Jason Momoa at Collectormania London) I finally passed all of my exams for my diploma in computer science


Jadzi posted a blog entry form 04.05.2009
Hi there :o)

Yes I'm still here and alive just had nothing to tell

During the last month I worked a bit on the website restructured or renewed things (Cassandra 2, my RPG Character pictures)

Oh yea... I have been at the FedCon again. Well nothing can top LeVar Burton last year I think but Chris Judge und John Billingsley where fantastic. Nice, funny... was just a wonderfull weekend steadyly I get a really nice autograph collection ^^

greetz and hugs
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 31.10.2008
Hi there

Just saw... haven't write here since some time. I got a new graphic tablett in the meantime. A Wacom Cintiq. The last two pages of 'to be klingon' are drawn complete with my computer - Yay. :o)
The second Cass Comic is now colored again and the pencilpages where replaced.

hugs + greetz
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 21.06.2008
Hallo ihr Lieben

I decided to abort my try to color the Cass comic part 2. One kind of coloring (like I do with my RPG Chars) costs to much time and the other (th eone I actually use) did not satisfy me. I'll try it again with another project.

But I decide to do the cover with the compley colorversion.^^

hugs + greets
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 09.05.2008
Hello out there...

I have decided to dissolve the design section. I moved most of the entries there to 'RPG + Projects' and 'Pictures'.

On the spare place a new section is founded: 'Tutorials'. I was doubtfully at first because I'm not so gut in explaning things and often those things seems to be a bit like 'Look at me, I did that, I'm great!' and I don't like that. But some peoples asked me 'How did you draw these characters' or 'how did you do this?' and so I thought 'Ok... lets give it a try'

The single tutorial will be updated every now and then because I don't want limit these tutorial to a single grahical program, so all I did with corel I try to rebuild with other programs - or I try to describe with which tool I worked (I'll do that in the painting projects)

At the moment I run Corel and Gimp on my PC... I'll hope to expant the tutorials with Photoshop and Picture Publisher

Greets and Hugs
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 20.04.2008
Hellllloooooooo ^^

Sorry but I'm just out of galaxy at the moment. I fullfiled myself a dream this weekend when I meet the amazing LeVar Burton at FedCon17

He and the others from TNG where so... wonderful! So nice... I don't find words for them. It was just GREAT!

I had the chance to gave LeVar my gift: a copy of the Cassandra comic... I hope he'll enjoy it ^^

under comics--> StarTrekMinis are some comicstrips online which where signed by LeVar, Marina Brent and John...

greets and hugs
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 21.03.2008

I replaced the old guestbook with some commentfunctions all over the website. So you can comment on special projects.
Hope you like and enjoy it ^^

hugs + greets
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 14.01.2008
Hello World:P

I'm done! The last 7 pages of 'Cassandra' are now online.
Furthermore a did some changes on some other pages (24-29, 32-36, 43, 59, 71-72, 91,93,99).

Its a somehow cool feeling to finish this project after 1.5 years... well... since the first glimpse of an idea till today it took me about 9 years...

greets and hugs
Jadzi P.S. I'm working on a sequel :o)
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 25.12.2007
Merry Christmas and a happy new Year everybody out there!

I also just added the comment function again. I hope this will stop the spammers...

greetz and hugs
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 18.10.2007
Hi Due to around 1000 spanentrys the last 3 nights, I had to put the possibilty offline to comment my blog. I hope I''ll find a solution without captchas (the picture thingy-stuff) but perhaps I have to use them...

hugs + greetz
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 07.09.2007

Time has come... Honey-Moon! ^^. Until I'm back, there are no updates - sorry for that. But therefor you get the beginning of a new Cass Story: 'To be klingon'. I know, the old is not finished but I wanted to try a complete new stile (complete drawn with PC) and I thought the beginning of the first chapter of the second, uncompleted adventure would quite good for it - much of Geordi, you know ;)
Hope you like it! ^^

Second there is a little comicstrip with Kira, signed by Nana Visitor at the LFCC 07 in London. I hope I will meet her again some day, she is very nice!

gretz + hugs
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 20.07.2007
*rush in*

Nearly forgotten during all this excitement and work (no, no honeymoontrip yet... had to wait till september)
Since 06.07.07 I'm married. A first picture is online under photos ('me' section) who want to see more, let me know

Jadzi posted a blog entry form 01.06.2007

Universe thought I have not enough stress with an upcoming presentation, the practical course, the wedding. I damaged something inside my right hand (the doc called it bone bruise)

You don't know how fast you are out of training if you didn't draw within 4 weeks *sigh*

But thanks to WINE I was able to install Corel under Linux...

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Tobi posted on 21.06.2007
Darf man da eigentlich dann Überhaupt noch "Hals und Beinbruch" wünschen? =_= Dennoch, viel Erfolg!
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 04.05.2007
Hello my friends out there

I think, I did it. I didn't boot Windows since one week.
After my graphictablet worked with the new Debian Linux Kernel, there was only one reason not to change to Linux - the absence of a goog graphic programm.
Gimp was no alternative for me because since I was forced to work with version 1.2 I like to describe it as 'worse piece of code'. But... I discovered the last days, they changed something. Its now more suitable to work with - ok no replacement for my beloved Corel but... its ok

The first GIMP 'try' you can see under 'Pictures' --> 'CG Scribbles' - my new avatar in the independent union board.

btw: till july my regular updates will unfortunatly get.... unregular... sorry!
Greets + hugs,
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 30.03.2007
Hey you out there ^^

My personal deadline works quite well, didn't it? But I'm afraid I had to skip it next week. I'm a home what means 'no scanner'

Beside this: Juli comes soon and Martin and my Wedding had to be planned. (We are not often at home, so its'last chance')

Jadzi ^^
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USS AUDACIOUS posted on 04.04.2007
Congrats on getting married. - Murph aka Sci
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 09.02.2007
I did it the third week ^^ but now I have 2 weeks of exams 'til the 22cnd (my birthday :'( )

On sunday I'll go to Bochum, comic fair. Vaughn Armstrong will be there ^^

Jadzi btw: We are handball worldchampions! ^^
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 19.01.2007
Hello my dear visitors ^^

I was quite lazy the last weeks (only 3 Cass-pages) so I resolve something: I will do an update every friday. I don't know if I can make it, but I'll try ^^

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Kim Lee posted on 27.01.2007
Tu es oder tu es nicht, es gibt kein versuchen! Das weißt du doch!!! ;) Dein neues Layout gefällt mir super gut.
Jadzi posted on 28.01.2007
you know I hate that saying.You can only improve yourself if you try (and perhaps fail and try again until you did it) something new and learn. If you only do what you know you can achive/ handle/ do you are at a standstill.
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 10.12.2006
Hi Guys

I downloaded yesterday by pure chance the IE7. I normaly use Mozilla, because I don't like IE (reasons of security an graphical stuff) but... SURPRISE! Bill Gates kept promise. IE7 is able to do some standardstuff e.g. 'fixed' pictures.

So I worked a bit around to made my site a bit mor better in IE


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Dan posted on 15.12.2006
Ja, der Mozilla kriegt den Verlauf des Hintergrundbildes besser hin... beim IE sieht man deutlich Abstufungen. Microsoft halt, irgendwas ist doch immer ;)
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 07.12.2006
I know, I promised it for october but you know... after we moved the semester began and I had a presentation in the second week. kD-trees vs. BVH as acceleration structure in interactive Raytracing. But know there are also 4 new pages for the Cassandra comic.
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 26.09.2006
The Galileo is moved to september next year :'( But regardless of this situation I printed the EBB posters.

Guys, if you read this: I'm so sorry I can't keep my last years promise to you... but next year!

After I moved to a new appartment in octobre I should find the time to continue the Cass-story

Jadzi posted a blog entry form 12.08.2006
Semester ended, a nice 'Tigerseye-uniform-sewing' weekend over too... now I have time to draw. But at time, the coming Galileo has priority!.. btw: tickets arrived :o)
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 16.07.2006
I finished the 3rd chapter of the Cassandra Comic - again \/^o^ btw: after 3 weeks I'm nearly on the same level I needed over 3 years before
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 28.06.2006
I passed today the last exam for my intermediate diploma in computing science *jippie* I think the next days there will be only me an my sketch block... ok my notebook with my graph tablet too ;)

But I'm also sad. Ecuador was eliminated in the round of last sixteen in the soccer world championchip :'(
I hope to see them again in four years.

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Skyfox posted on 29.06.2006
*feuerwerk* *jubel* Endlich hast du diesen Dämon geschlagen! *knuddel* (ich rede übrigens nicht von Ecuador *g*)
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 25.06.2006
I decided that I have to draw the 'Cassandra' comic complet new. Yap, you can now beat me up for that. ;) *ouch*ouch*ouch*

I know, some of you would call me insane now 'She did already 40 pages... and know everything new?' Unfortunatly I'm a bit perfectionist - thanks to my daddy :P A foretaste you can get with the new cover an the first two pages

your *I-drive-you-cracy* Jadzi
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Skyfox posted on 29.06.2006
Bitte hinter mir anstellen. Mit dem "Schlagen-weil-sie-es-neu-zeichnet" darf ich als Hauptleidtragender definitiv zuerst beginnen! *bg* Klasse Arbeit, mach' weiter so!
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 02.06.2006
4th Exam passed... puh. One left - math. Nearly done. Keep fingers crossed ^^\/ btw: just about 4 month to Galileo 06 in Gladbeck! *waiting besides the mailbox for the tickets*
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Mitleser Trek_Command posted on 07.06.2006
Herzlichen Glückwunsch
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 24.05.2006
Halftime! Ok... 3 of 5 is more than halftimet :P Also so the pedagogue I survived. So why do I need that stuff in my computer science studies? Perhaps I find the answer some day...*gg* My next exam is shifted two days. From next thursday to next tuesday... but I'll hope I do it anyway
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 15.05.2006
Also the second exam passed... - with 2,0! (I think it's a B or B+ in american system) I can't really belive it, though it was one of the two exams I feared most...
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 04.05.2006
On Thuesday I had the first of my 5 Prediploma Exams... passed it! :D
Jadzi posted a blog entry form 19.03.2006
Today I decided to join the 'Blog wave' and say: #include <iostream> using namespace; int main () { cout<< "Hello World\n"; } Jadzi :)
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