About Me

Well... I'm Nicole. I'm a computerscientist (German Diploma) - but I also like to be referred as a 'diplomate Pixelmover' as my majors where in Image Processing and Computergrafics.
I'm born and raised in saxony (near Chemnitz) and so I'm a proud Saxon (YEAH!). I'm a biiiig StarTrek fan (at least I love TNG, ENT, TOS and a bit of DS9), but I also love good (!) SciFi shows (EUReKA, Dr. Who, Stargate) - hmm seems I'm a nerd...think I like that.
My favourite author is Sergeji Lukijanenkow. Like you have already seen here I like to draw and write.

And this is my husband *bg* - the picture was shot at our wedding 06/07/07

(c) Fotokaufmann, Koethen

And here we have little Nici. Does anybody still wonder why I loved motorbike races when I was a child? :o)