Tutorial: Coloring Version 1 - 'Gradients'
Program: Corel PhotoPaint
Operating system: Windows
Inpudevice: Wacom Tablet
One version to color a lined picture - gradients.
How it works:
At first we need a line picture (look at tutorial linepictures).
Here you have to choose 'Fillcolor' -> 'Gradient' by doubleclicking the square under the for/background color. There you got many possibilities to define your gradient. Just play a bit around. For this example a simple black to gray gradient should do fine for a starfleet uniform.
A word on tolerance and transparency:
Just with black it coul happen that you plack lines will disappear unwanted by you. With transparency you can change the transparency of the gradient. Tolerance means how 'tolerant' the tool will handle colorchanges like blured lines.