Tutorial: Tutorial: 'creating atmosphere'
Program: Corel PhotoPaint
Operating system: Windows
Inpudevice: Wacom Tablet
To create a bit of atmosphere in your drawings
How it works:
We begin with a normal colored piece of art (1) only let the lights (if existent) uncolored. I would advice to use several layers. One for the lineart, one for colors, etc...

Once you are done with coloring you can start with the lights. For this step I found an awesome tutorial on deviantArt from Eiffelart (unfortunytly his/her account is deactivated).
Basically you create 2 (for text) to 4 (for objects) layers at the place your lights are. In my caseits a straight line at the back of the wall. I marked it with a mask and filled in every created layer the lightsource colors. After this gausian is used to blur the layers with lesser values all layers exept of the top one. The highest gausian is used on the bottom layer the lowest on the the layer behind the top layer. Its better described on deviant art.

Now you got something like you can see in (2). Step 3 is creating atmosphere. Create a layer under the layers you used for the lights. In my examplepicture also the texts and the PADD is above the atmosphere layer.
Choose the mood you want to express. In the picture I used its Christmas. Candles burn so I used a orange golden gradient wich was transparent in the middle. After I applyed it I make the whole layer transparent to about 40% and set the attributes of this layer to 'multiply'. Now you have something like (3).

For the last step I use a color similar to the atmosphere (here golden) and set up some highlights with airbrush or the burntool at the original coloring layer (4).