FanFictionST:TNG CassandraPictures for my Star Trek FanFic
History of how Cass slip into the year 2371 and why her genetic code is partly klingon
Storyboard Versions: german
Cass second adventure in year 2371
Storyboard Versions: german
Everything about Cass an the TNG Crew what fits in a short strip ;)
this is a 4 paged Comic inspired by music to the TNG Episode 'Heart of Glory' - called 'Geordi Vision'.
OC StoriesRPG Character-, Specie- and Uniformcreations
collected Pics of RPG Characters
The end of a love and a friendship for Kendara Vail(german)
Versions: german
Tamara Bellamy Past (german) Storycontest of the Asso
Versions: german
Story with one of my half-klingon chars Tavana Jarret (german)
Versions: german
Nia Rixley has to fight against the Borg (german)
Versions: german
From Nia Rixley's past.
Versions: german english
ST:Kalta-Siv Chroniclescharacters for my 'Kalta-Siv' Project
When a new enemy rises the federation is torn apart and with it starfleet - or most of it. These are the adventures of a private shipyard which help all those who has been forgotten by the new Starfleet
ST:Pantera NX-42the crew of the USS Pantera
Pictures according to the USS Pantera project
Short episodes out of the life of the USS Pantera
Join bartender Kendara Vail on her tour through the USS Pantera and meet the crew
The first time Janeway tries to use Captain Michaels an his crew to change the timeline to her will
When an specific Admiral tries to bend time and space Captain Michaels and his Crew need to rescue a colonie and the timeline
ArtworkFanartsome portraits
Star Trek Pictures
including Series: Engineers of Star Trek (Geordi, Trip, James Doohans and Simon Peggs Scotty, Chief O'Brian) and their ships
Art ProjectsLandscapes
ABC and 123 Tables with beloved characters. Will do commissions on this
The long way to a christmaspresent (Juli to November 2008)
TutorialsColor TutorialsOne version how you can color a scanned comic or drawing.
Good for chibicomicstripes
coloring of outlines with thin lines (hard Shadows)
coloring of outlines with thicker lines (soft shadows)
Mixed TutorialsCreating atmosphere for your drawings like lights etc.
The progress I hopefully made fron 2005 to 2011
Outline TutorialsBefore you can color a scanned image you have to make a linepicture out of it.
only for rendered in watercolor/ finliner!
colorable outlines from a rough sketch or photo
Own ProjectsThe Enterprise Blues BandEBB (the Enterprise Blues Band) Vaughn Armstrong, Bill Jones, Steve Rankin, Casey Biggs, Richard Herd and Ron Moore
Here are the members of one of my favourite band the heroes which rescues the universe or at least the music
The second adventure of the heroic bandmembers - "The secret of the cancelled events". Will they survive their author and discover the secret of the cancelled events?
Short Series3 Page comic about order and chaos
little series abaut 'Jadzi'
A comiccard I did for the wedding of two good friends
Short episodes out of the life of our beloved StarTrek, Stargate and other series Heros...
The Hidden TruthSnapshots and Artwork from 'The Hidden Truth' Webcomic
A small group of seven Scientists, stationed on a rock in space, study a strange and unknowen ship with equally unknowen technology which was found there. Unaware what danger lurks for everyone around it they try to get it back flying and hope for some knowledge whichall species in the galaxy can benefit from - but why are they hurried by their Commander?
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